Welcome to North Delta Dental Professionals (Dentalcorp Health Services ULC)

Since 1987, North Delta Dental Professionals have been committed to general dentistry & orthodontics in the North Delta and Surrey area. Our dental office is dedicated to providing patients with compassionate, professional and patient-centered care. Dr. Glenn Chu (partner) and his team offer the best in preventative care, restorative treatments and orthodontics. Using proven techniques, patients are ensured to have the highest standard of care in a warm and relaxing environment. For patients who require extra comforting, our office is also equipped with inhalation sedation (laughing gas).  Our main goal is to provide you with enhanced oral care to keep your teeth healthy and strong. Our highly experienced team with over 150 years of dental experience will create the best course of treatment to suit your personal dental needs.

For your assurance, all North Delta Dental Professional team members have their health care professional CPR certifications and the office is equipped with an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), dental emergency medical kit and 100% oxygen.  For the sterilization of dental instruments, North Delta Dental Professionals has a strict protocol involving 3 steam autoclaves and single use disposable supplies.

Over the years, Dr. Chu (general dentist) has completed over 2 thousand orthodontic cases and is a firm believer in the benefits of timely interceptive orthodontic treatment. Early in his career, Dr. Chu learned from leading medical and dental clinicians about how dramatic effect airway modification, myofunctional tongue therapy and fixed functional appliances can enhance patients’ facial features and tooth position. With the combination of myofunctional therapy, functional appliances, Damon™ braces and 3Shape Trois 3 full colour intraoral digital scanner and it's orthodontic software program, Dr. Chu sets his treatment goals to create not only a full and natural smile with straight teeth, but most importantly beautiful faces.

Check out some of Dr. Chu’s orthodontic cases in the Smile Gallery.